What runs through your mind when you lay awake at night?

What runs through your mind when you lay awake at night? What occupies your mind in those in- between moments of life? Do a quick write that expresses, discusses, or illustrates what goes on in the background of your mind that rises to the surface when it has a chance.


When I suddenly wake up at night, my mind is usually in a blank state, where I just think about getting back to sleep, and ponder why this happened. Most of the time, I can fall back asleep within a few minutes, but if that doesn’t happen, I would try to relax, change sleeping positions and try to get comfortable. I would think about random stories, daydream, hoping my mind would wander off into the darkness. I would make up stories, from being the superhero to a little dog, I just think daydream about various fantasies. However, if something good or bad happened, that be the only thing I would think about. For example, when I got a new smartphone for my birthday, I remember I woke up at night, and checked to make sure my phone was still there, making sure it wasn’t a dream. I also thought about what I would do with it tomorrow, thinking about what app I should download. However, if something bad happened, for example, if I argued with my parents, I wouldn’t be able to stay asleep, since I would regret what happened, and think about what I should have done differently.


This quick write was one that required me to think deeper and try to remember what happens when I’m awake at night. It allowed me to express those times and reflect on them.


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