What makes you come alive?

What makes you come alive? In order to write interesting papers, it helps to be interested in your own topic. Writing comes alive when the writer is excited about the topic. What’s one topic you could talk about forever? What makes you come alive that would be a great topic for you to write about? Why? Explain.


One topic that I can talk about forever is the topic on technology and how it transformed our world. This is because I love how they have advanced over the years, and how convenient they can be for us. Technology is taking over our world today, and soon technology will be the base of everything. People already rely on cars and their mobile phones to travel or have entertainment. Where most of them wouldn’t know what to do without them. That’s why I think it is so interesting. Technology is like a virus, taking over everyone, helping and bettering our lives. Therefore when I hear a conversation in the hallway concerning what laptop is the best or what phone they should get next, I always like to jump in the conversation and share what I think about their choices. Technology is somewhat like my weakness. For example, if I was trying hard to focus in a class, but someone sitting next to I was searching for a new piece of technology, my attention would suddenly shift to his/her laptop, having an urge to maybe suggest some devices or help search for one.


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