How was your camp experience?

How was your camp experience? What was the highlight? The lowlight? What do you remember from the talks? What has God been saying to you recently? What are you going to do about it? How’s life these days? How can I pray for you?


One highlight for camp this year was that the juniors’ bungalows were grouped up together, which allowed us to go visit each our friends easily. However, our cabin locations were located extremely far away from the main hall and the cafeteria. Besides that, the sessions were a nightmare as well, because it was honestly boring at times. The only thing I remember from the talks was that education doesn’t get us into heaven and that us Christians need to see if we have spiritual markers, seeing if we are true Christians. This was because the sessions were too long, and our minds were elsewhere, like longing to go outside and do activities. The worst thing about these sessions is that the students were required to sit on the floor, which caused our bottoms to hurt and ache. They said that it was because there wasn’t enough space in the hall for everyone to have chairs, but I think this was a lie. Sitting down, we only filled up half the hall, with chairs we would fill up like ¾ of the hall, moving the tech crew back a bit. Another lowlight was that we had no buses to go and return from camp. The school had the school mob the trains, despite having us students pay even more for camp. The service trip, which was located at the school, wasn’t that great either, where the bouncy castles were exactly the same as the previous years and the snack stands only consisted of cotton candy and popcorn. The house games were pretty bad as well, where many students were reluctant to play because of the heat and humidity on the field. The school also supplied no water, causing us students to have to refill from the dirty water fountains or buy 5 drinks every day to stay hydrated. Despite the many negatives, camp was still somewhat enjoyable, but I would not like to experience it again. 



This prompt was given right after our camp trip, so I was able to remember the things that happened quite well. For this quick write, I wrote out my honest thoughts on camp. I was able to express the ups and downs, explaining my reasons for the feelings.


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