Mr. Quick, “What would it take for you to deny your faith?”

Mr. Quick, “What would it take for you to deny your faith?” Think about the last time you changed what you believe. What caused you to change? How did you feel about it? Explore how and why we believe what we believe what goes on in the process of changing those beliefs.


Throughout the week of fall break, I was watching some TV shows, and some thoughts randomly came into my head. I always wondered, how did the actors make it? Why do they get to be so lucky, where they are on billboards and are rich and famous? How come they are relevant to the world, having a life that matters to not just their friends and family? Those questions got stuck in my head for the week. I felt like I was pulled into a void of emotions and feelings, having an urge to know more about the actors and how they got to where they are at today. I watched numerous interviews, read articles on them. But after researching on a couple of well-known actors, it turns out that they weren’t always so famous. In interviews, they talked about how they had a passion for the film industry when they were young and worked hard in school. Several of them used to have average jobs, like working at Mcdonalds in high school and being a greeter at a clothing store. But now they are on television, from playing major roles in tv shows to being guests on late night shows, their lives have changed drastically. This heavily influenced my beliefs. I always thought I’ll be stuck being an average human, where I’ll grow up, find a job, earn money, have a family and be off this world, not making a difference for anyone. This experience taught me that anyone can make it out into the world, just with hard work and passion. I didn’t want to simply live and die off without anyone even realizing. Now I feel like someday I would be able to make some impact on the world, where I, like others, is special and was created for a purpose. 

Link to rough draft:


Writing this piece meant a lot to me because this experience was a life changing. It sort of widened my perspective, enlightening it, changing my views on many things. This piece also means a lot, because today, many people thought like I did. They believed that they were meaningless, that not many cared for them. Jealousy and envy takes control of their minds and bodies, and I expressed my experience of this in my writing.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Quick, “What would it take for you to deny your faith?”

  1. There is a saying that “Anything is Possible”. This quote really stood out to me when I read your passage. No matter the career you start off with, such as a janitor, toilet cleaner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will live that way. You may suddenly become famous just from a specific trend or even from a movie.

    Carrying on to your main idea, no matter if you are poor or rich, the most important thing is your character and respect towards others. As previously stated, anything is possible, and you may even become rich, famous, or successful.


  2. Mr. Quick’s chapel also left a profound impact on me, because I really enjoy the contrast between the common man and the superstar. One can so easily become the other, and we often forget that superstars are just people as well. We are all created for a purpose, and I often forget this. My beliefs are often skewed one way or another because I tend to forget that I have a purpose in this world, but I can connect with your view that we all need to live confidently and with a purpose.


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