What gets you fired up?

What gets you fired up? Maybe it’s something trivial, or maybe it’s important thing on the planet, but when this topic is brought up, you have trouble keeping a balanced perspective, Write about it.


Something that gets me fired up is when people, mainly mainlanders or helpers, always push and rush into the MTR. Every Saturday morning, I ride the MTR to my lesson, hoping to get there in time without getting shoved around. However, at almost every station the train stops at, a mob is waiting on the platform, getting ready to charge into the metro like wild bulls. They don’t care if you’re old, young, or pregnant, they just aim for a seat or to squeeze in even when there is clearly not enough room. The second the door creaks open, a stampede occurs, and suddenly you’re surrounded by sweaty stinky people. This fires me up because I just want to get to a destination on time. The big herd of bulls causes me to miss trains, where I need to wait for the next train constantly because people from behind shove me back and go in the cabin first. I think that people should be more considerate and that MTR should do something about this. They should make physical separators that can help form better lines, so people who were in the front of the line don’t suddenly end up at the back and have to wait 5 more minutes for the next train. They can also expand the platforms, because in some stations, especially the one in Kowloon Tong, they are too small, and people struggle to get to different parts of the station. I hope this get resolved soon, so people can have a better experience riding the MTR.


Link to the writing process:


I think many people can relate to this piece of writing. This is one of the issues in Hong Kong, where one of the main ways of transport is always over crowded. Writings this piece allowed me to express my feelings on this matter, share my personal experiences with it, and propose some actions steps to MTR so they can fix this issue. It was also somewhat satisfying to write because I was able to let go of some steam and complain without really hurting anyone.



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