Digital Fortress Book Review

Digital Fortress is an exciting and intriguing book written by Dan Brown and published in 1998 by St. Martin’s Press. It is a novel filled with action and suspense, but what makes this book such a thriller is its captivating character and plot development, well thought out settings and various themes that drive the reader to want to finish the book.

Throughout this book, the characters and plot development played a major role in keeping the novel intriguing. The characters’ weaknesses and strengths were brought out while danger came and went. The plot development was especially unique, jumping back and forth between situations, showing us what each character was experiencing.  It was also somewhat slow, testing the reader’s patience because the author does not simply throw out the outcomes, but instead uses many expanded moments and specific details for effect to tell the story. When the climax was coming near, the characters went through an immense change. They had completely different personalities at the end than in the beginning of the book, even though the entire adventure occurs within 48 hours. It takes place in multiple settings as well, which is vital to the storyline. This was because the 2 pieces of the puzzle were in different parts of the world, and the mission cannot be accomplished without the other.

The character that went through the most change was Trevor Strathmore, the commander of the NSA. In the first half of the book, he was known as a good and wise person whose goal is to shut down Digital Fortress and protect the secrets of the NSA. He is the trusted mentor of the main character, Susan Fletcher, who is working with him to resolve the problem. However, as the team is getting closer to accomplishing the mission, the dark side of the commander is revealed. His secrets were shared with the reader, and it turned out the life goals he shared was a lie. This shocker not only made the remaining characters’ lives more difficult, but it affected the plot immensely.

In this novel, the author’s themes were deep and thoughtful. It had a weak impression of a love story, while struggles between right and wrong drove the tale. Besides that, the author also presented issues of privacy, including an introduction of encryption to the reader in an interesting and understandable way. Dan Brown’s style of writing and word choice for this novel was incredibly well balanced, using various tones necessary for each plot. His diction was reasonable and understandable, using words that kept the fluency and imagery of the story intriguing.

Because this novel is filled with great character and plot development, thoughtful themes and settings, Digital Fortress is a must read for lovers of thrillers and an exciting story with a complex, layered plot and intriguing characters.

Rough Draft


Digital Fortress was one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read, which allowed me to also enjoy writing a book review for it. It took a lot of editing and revising the get the piece to sound like the way I want it to because I often struggle to express my ideas in words.


One thought on “Digital Fortress Book Review

  1. After reading your book review, I am excited to read this book. Seemingly filled with drama and action, you showed the reader the plot without spoiling anything. Very interesting and enjoyable to read your review.


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