Event that helped me learn what is important to me

In a relationship, arguments occur that cause conflicts and consequences that can never be forgotten. This event or experience did not necessarily happen to me, but happened to my parents, and has had a huge impact on my life ever since. People should eliminate their need of having an argument because it is not worth it and can lead to unnecessary consequences.

This happened on my brother’s birthday when my parents came home from picking up the birthday cake. They walked through the door with angry faces, and when I felt the tense environment, I knew something was wrong. It wasn’t until we were about to celebrate that the argument erupted again. My parents exploded, yelling back and forth at each other. I found out that the whole argument was about my dad spending too much time in a supermarket while my mom was waiting in the car. That was when I was confused. I thought the argument would be more concerning, not on something like waiting too long in a car. I knew that this wasn’t a reasonable argument, and wondered why this was worth it for them, why they were being such immature adults.

This event is very important to me because ever since that experience took place, I have never had a big argument. This is because it taught me that most of the time, arguments are meaningless and that what is more important is your relationship with the person. Shouting at each other as loud as possible does not solve the problem but makes things worse. This is usually what causes breakups and divorces, where something small happened and the relationship had to end. The problems could have been resolved easily with a normal tone of voice. One may argue that anger causes the raise of the voice and using of harsh words, but before resorting to that solution, one should think about the cost and benefits of doing so.

This event has taught me to not stress out when an insignificant problem occurs, that having an argument is usually not worth it and can lead to unnecessary consequences. This is because most of the time when we argue, it is about something small, like about who should throw out the garbage, or who should wash the dishes. Even if it is about something more concerning, like if someone scratched your brand new car or cracked your phone, having an argument should not be the only solution to the problem. What was lost was already lost, but arguing will only worsen it, losing your relationship or happiness in an event. Whatever you do, the problem won’t solve itself. What happened is already in the past, however, what hasn’t happened is you trying to solve it. It is up to you to decide if you want to argue and put more things on the line, or take a more passive route to the solution.


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When this topic came up, I instantly thought about this situation that happened recently at that time. I wanted to write about this to reflect on the personal problems, to maybe see why God has allowed this situation to happen to me. Writing this piece wasn’t much of a challenge to me because I was writing about my thoughts, about what people should do when they encounter difficult situations.



One thought on “Event that helped me learn what is important to me

  1. I really liked the way you explained the situation that changed the way the way you view yourself. It is through our experiences that truly changes what we identify as important, whether it is something that is internal or external. We can only understand these things through times of difficulty as well as times of happiness and I enjoyed the way that you portrayed the through your writing. Your ideas were very clear and it was strengthened by your choice of words and fluency.


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