Opinion Piece

YouTube is a drug


YouTube. The magical internet realm with everything from chemistry tutorials to singing grandmas. This *word* website is a prolific time waster; it’s sugar-coated facade hiding the poison beneath. It is like cocaine: it only takes a little bit of curiosity, and there goes your plans for the night. Video suggestions and interesting thumbnails demand your continued attention, inducing you to click on yet another video. It is no surprise students aren’t able to focus on their assignments. Youtube is taking over the world, ruining lives and destroying futures. This new drug ought to be moderated, else the attention and focus of students across the globe be compromised.

Link to writing process



This was the first time I wrote a short opinion piece. After some brainstorming, I chose 2 topics that I felt like I can write about. The first was about Apple and the second was on YouTube. In class, I showed the people in my group my paragraphs and asked them on which one they preferred. After figuring out which one to use (we settled on the YouTube one), I edited and revised it with the help of my peers.


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