Iambic Poems

Is the rabbit really the prey?

And the hunter, must be the fox?

Why not play friendly with the hawks?

Must the chasing occur all day?

The hare eats her orange carrots,

The fox pounces on his supper.

So vicious, this hungry killer,

Scaring away all the rabbits.

by Truman Leung


The dik dik was nice and cheerful,

Relaxing in the sun all day.

She returns home at dawn to play,

But noticed that the herd was fearful.

Scared, she ran to her family,

Aiming to hide behind mother.

But instead, a hunter shot her,

And the herd left her anxiously.

by Truman Leung



I haven’t written a poem in a long time before this, so when we were taught the different poem styles in class I was pretty intrigued. These poems areĀ iambic poems, being more basic and easy to write. It was difficult thinking about what to write about, but once I had the topic down, the rest just flowed in. I’m not sure why they are both about animals, but the idea just came to me and I stuck with it.


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