Journey Poem

Life is Tough — by Truman Leung

Life is a gift

We mustn’t forget

Through hardship — we learn

Happiness — present


Mistakes will be made

Frustration — betrayed

But control cannot fade

Love for a decade


Be strong in the dark

Persevere — spark

You must have faith

For there is no wraith


At journey’s end,

Light will be shone

Relief — godsend

Eternity — God’s throne



This poem is about the journey that everyone takes in life. Tough times will come, but from those situations, things will be learned. Through that, happiness comes. In the second stanza, it starts at the beginning, where mistakes will be made and one will want to give up. But they have to fight past those times, get through the dark, in order to succeed. At the end, they will be satisfied, and God will be proud of them in heaven.


This poem is my favorite poem that I have written. I was very excited when we were given this assignment because I enjoy writing these kinds of poems. I sometimes read Emily Dickinson’s poems in my free time, and I sort of used her style in my poem.


3 thoughts on “Journey Poem

  1. Hey Truman, I really like your poem and the message behind it is really deep. You talk about how life is a tough journey, but we will ultimately go through all the darkness and reaches God’s throne. Your poem flows smoothly with a strong rhythm, and I really like how you incorporate rhymes into each stanza.


  2. I really like how your poem applied to our life overall. It sends a meaningful message behind it, telling us to persevere and go on in life, through the hardships. And finally we would be standing before God’s throne. The rhymes in this poem add on to the charm as it helps it sound smooth and flow along as we read it. Overall, great poem that tells us how to live life. Good job!


  3. I enjoyed the inspiration that you took from Emily Dickinson and your use of dashes. It gives your poem a unique aesthetic and makes it more “poetic.” I also felt that you had strong word choice and you conveyed the concept of a journey very well. Well done!


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