Restaurant Review: The Glasshouse

Located on IFC’s rooftop with a stunning harbor view, the Glasshouse is a masterpiece with the inspiration of the countryside. It is filled with old-fashioned pots and wheelbarrows, bringing a pleasant feel to the environment. They serve an array of modern favorites with fresh ingredients, cooked using an Asian cooking technique with a western twist. The restaurant had two sides, one where you can relax in the dim lit indoors, or you can enjoy the pleasant breeze under the Hong Kong night sky.

As we stepped into this unique restaurant, we were welcomed and brought to our table. The environment was extremely comfortable because it was spacious and had subtle music playing in the background. The waiters were respectful and friendly to the diners as well.

After we settled down and began to look at the menu, we were dazzled. It was filled with unique mouth-watering dishes and drinks that we have never seen before. There were a variety of pasta, salads, appetizers, and burgers. Their drinks menu was loaded as well, having a range of milkshakes, smoothies, and sodas. The prices ranged from a hundred to two hundred HKD, which is quite reasonable in my opinion because it is around the average costs of a fine dining restaurant.  

I decided to try out the Korean beef sandwich and the banana apple smoothie, additionally ordering the garlic chicken wings and crispy fries to share.

It was only a short wait before our drinks started arriving. The banana apple smoothie was visually appealing; it was served with a swirly straw with some apple slices on top. However, the banana taste was overwhelming and the overall drink was slightly too sweet. I also didn’t think the two fruits mixed very well in the drink because it wasn’t very good.

Next, the appetizers came. The garlic chicken wings were thoughtfully presented and were quite delicious. It was tender and beautifully cooked, but it would’ve been nice if they were a little more generous with the serving size. Their crispy fries were exceptionally enjoyable. Its presentation was special, coming in a miniature frying basket. The superbly seasoned fries were incredible and the taste was further enhanced by their rich tartar sauce. This appetizer was agreeably the best dish they had on their menu and I highly recommend that you try it out. The fries were such a delight that we decided to order another one to share.

As we were finishing up the appetizers, our entrees came. My Korean beef sandwich was somewhat a disappointment. It was visually unappealing and the sandwich was not as flavorful as I had expected.

However, the disappointment was lifted as the dessert was served to conclude our meal. This dish was very unique, being named the “Banana Crème Brulee”. It was covered in muscovado sugar and dark coffee, which was lit up by the waiter, spicing up the presentation. Although the portion was small, we all enjoyed every bite of it. It was extremely rich, and all the flavors mixed together very nicely.

Overall, the Glasshouse is an exceptional fine dining restaurant that everyone should definitely try out. Fresh herbs and ingredients are used to create the high-quality dishes that they serve. The feel of the restaurant is very comfortable as well, making it the perfect place to enjoy a good supper.

Rough Draft & Peer Evaluation


This was my first time writing a restaurant review, and I had a lot of fun doing it. It was a good excuse to eat at a nice restaurant and I certainly enjoyed the good food. Taking pictures of the dishes and going through the prices was quite an experience. I took self-notes of the place and made sure to describe my thoughts and feelings when I was there. Overall, this was a pleasant piece of writing and I would enjoy writing another one.


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