Reflection and Response

Unit Reflection and Response

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  1. Which of your pieces was the most challenging to write? Give three reasons and explain.

To me, the piece that was the most challenging to write was my descriptive essay, the one where I chose to talk about my first skiing experience. Although the idea was there, because it was just telling a story, including the specific details was somewhat challenging. This is because it felt unnatural, where when one casually tells you about their experience, they wouldn’t use expanded moments or some repetition for effect. It would seem odd, especially if you told somewhat that the ski lift was like a raging bull charging at you. Another reason why this was a challenge is because while including the details, I had to make sure it was not too much. It was difficult to make it so it does not seem forced, having them fit into the piece, editing it so I was not simply fitting in as much detail as possible.

  1. Which of your pieces was the most enjoyable to write? Give three reasons and explain.

The pieces that were the most enjoyable to write were the pieces that asked us, “What makes you come alive? and, “What gets you fired up?” This is because these pieces were ones where I was able to write freely, talking about the things that I enjoy or dislike. I was able to type out what went through my mind, not holding back, letting go of my emotions.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?

I think that strengths I have as a writer are that I have numerous ideas, rarely running out of things to write down. However, the weaknesses that I have is my diction and wording. Having the ideas, I often struggle to put them into words where others can understand them as well. My choice of vocabulary is always criticized, where I am told to use bigger words. Another problem that I have is messing up past and present tense. I would use have instead of has in situations or was instead of were. If I can improve and change my weaknesses into strengths, I believe that I will be a much better writer, where my pieces would be more enjoyable to read.

  1. What have you done to develop your strengths and minimize your weaknesses as a writer? How successful do you feel you have been?

To develop my strengths and minimize my weaknesses as a writer, I have been reading some books in my spare time. This is because some of my classmates who are very talented writers suggested to me that reading is the best way to improve my writing. This is because I would then be more familiarized with the language, experience different types of writing, and reading the several ways authors tend to express their thoughts and emotions. I think that this is not as successful as I have hoped, because it doesn’t feel like my writing has improved a lot, but this is because writing is a skill. It takes time to build and construct, and reading several books will not suddenly make me a talented writer. Therefore, I will continue reading more books and other people’s writings so I can improve my own.

  1. What kind of future career or field of study are you considering? What kinds of writing might be important in this career or field? Explain, giving specific examples.

As of now, I am considering to go into the fields of economics. I think that formal writing will be important in this career or field, because if I do go far in this career, I will be dealing with many companies and businessmen. Therefore, formal and legitimate writing would be needed for this career.

  1. What advice would you offer the College Writing teachers as they plan this unit for next year? What might be some additional pieces of writing to add and why? How were the timing and pacing? Did you receive enough feedback? Did you receive enough instruction and input so you knew how to do each assignment? You can make specific comments about specific assignments here. What did you like or not like and why? What would make this unit more student-friendly, provide more learning, or make it more interesting?

Some advice I would offer the college writing teachers is that they can possibly teach the students how to write more. I feel like this semester the teachers have done so, but not as in depth as I have hoped. Some additional pieces of writing can simply be more SAT or ACT essays. This way, students can see your progression over the year on how they are doing with these types of writings, so they can also prepare for the examinations. The timing and pacing were comfortable, but more feedback, especially on our writings would be highly appreciated. We received enough instructions on how to do assignments, where students were able to complete them without any problems. I liked how we were given vocabulary words so we can improve on our word choice. If the things mentioned were added onto the class, I think it would make the unit more student-friendly, provide more learning and make it more interesting.


Peer Feedback Comments

1. Classmate: Jonathan Yeung Writing Piece: If you had 24 hours to live…
Comments: I like how you would want to help as many people as possible and influence the world in a positive way. However, doing the things you listed, like donating to the poor, building shelters and sharing God’s word with them might take a lot longer than 24 hours. It would be wonderful if you can do so, but becoming a person who has greatly influenced many people of the unfortunate, evil, and lonely, may take a lot of time. What about your family and friends? What would you do with them? Your idea on this topic is great, but I think you need to expand a bit more.

2. Classmate: Ambrose Ho Writing Piece: Descriptive Essay
Comments: This descriptive essay was extremely well written. The details given allowed me to feel like I was there with you, experiencing the tense environment as the airplane was about to take off. I especially enjoyed the part where you said, “The plane kissed the ground, seemingly eager to rest its wings.” Your diction for this piece is advanced, and the sentences were also very fluent. Because of all those elements, this piece was a pleasure to read.

3. Classmate: Joseph Ma Writing Piece: Descriptive Essay
Comments: This descriptive piece was a pleasure to read. It had a lot of rhetorical words and expanded moments. Your ideas were clearly expressed and your diction was good as well. I liked how you made the dolphin’s entrance so majestic, and I was really able to picture in my head what the situation was like.
4. Classmate: Ryan Sze Writing Piece: Opinion Piece
Comments: I agree with this problem on how parents encase you in a set of rules you have to follow, you will be stuck, being molded in a way to think similarly to your parents. This is a problem that many parents have, not allowing their kids to express their own ideas. This is like our world today, where it shapes us into its mold, influencing us to think a certain way, not realizing our true potential.
5. Classmate: Hugh Matsumoto Writing Piece: Descriptive Essay
Comments: In this piece, you were able to show me what you went through, and it is unfortunate that it occurred. You were very descriptive, going into detail, explaining the situation. The expanded moment was intriguing, but there were some minor mistakes in your writing. I also noticed you used repetition for effect in your conclusion paragraph, but because this can confuse your audience, some explaining may be needed before suddenly jumping into why one should think before they act, etc.

6. Classmate: Jonathan Wong Writing Piece: College Application Essay
Comments: I agree with you on many points throughout this essay, like how the truth hurts more than the lie. This piece was enjoyable to read, getting to know and understand more on your thoughts and beliefs on the topics mentioned.