S2 Reflection

Unit Reflection and Response

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  1. Which of your pieces most helped you identify or explore and develop your God-given abilities?

I think the piece; Meaning is Found Through Darkness helped me most in the areas of identifying and exploring my God-given abilities. It showed me how I have the ability to think logically and meaningfully at times, taking the good out of the bad situations. Many people cannot do this, and in this piece, I talk about how people struggle to find their true meaning in life, and share the story of how a man found his meaning in his darkest times. Writing this piece allowed me to explore and develop this ability by reflecting on his story and sharing how others can do this too. They can look back at their darkest times or their current ones and look at the bigger picture. I also discuss how they can find meaning through other ways as well, and overall this piece allowed me to practice this God-given ability.


  1. Which of your pieces best demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively? Give three reasons and explain.

The piece that best demonstrates my ability to communicate effectively is my restaurant review. I think it is because it was clear, concise, and accurate. I was able to truly share my experience with the reader and explain the thoughts I had while I was there. There was minimum bias and the review was concise as well, keeping the reader’s full attention while they read it. Therefore this piece showed how I can send a clear message to an audience, communicating effectively.


  1. Which piece either demonstrates striving for excellence, or discusses striving for excellence and its importance in another area besides writing?

I think the piece, “Meaning is Found Through Darkness” demonstrates striving for excellence. It is because I spent a lot of time on this one, carefully planning and revising it before handing it in. I also put a lot of thought into it, analyzing the experiences of Frankl and expressing my thoughts on how one can find true meaning in life. I think I strove for excellence on this piece because I personally connected with it and it means more to me than one expects. I wanted the reader to receive what I want them to learn from the essay clearly, so I made sure it was understandable, meaningful, and intriguing.


  1. Which of your pieces explores why it is important to act as a responsible member of the global community?

I think the piece, “There is a Way to be Good Again” explores why it is important to act as a responsible member of the global community. It is because it sends the message of not giving up after one failure and doing more good to “cancel out” the bad. The meaning behind this can advise people to be responsible of their actions. For example, a person litters all the time and feels bad about it, believing he is guilty. However, in believing that he can be good again, in addition to not littering again, he can clean up other people’s litter. If people are responsible of their actions, they will be a responsible member of the global community and make the world a better place.



  1. How did this course help you to know, understand, and apply biblical principles? Explain, giving specific examples.

In the unit where we watched the Count of Monte Cristo, we talked about how Edmund Dante was like Jesus. They were both successful at first, before their downfall came that took them away. After a while they both returned to their loved ones. I also applied some biblical principles to The Kite Runner. Baba showed forgiveness to Hassan when Amir framed him of stealing his money. Hassan was like Jesus himself, fulfilling Amir’s commands for him, being humble, taking the blame, and always forgiving. He also sacrificed himself for others, just like Jesus.


  1. How did this course help you to think independently, creatively, and analytically?

In this course, I had to think independently, creatively, and analytically the most was when we were given random topics to write about in class. We had to answer the question ourselves and creatively think of a way to write it in essay form. The information in the pieces was received from analyzing the movie and whatever it was being compared to (Bible). Besides in class essays, the poetry unit also allowed us to be creative in writing our own poems while analyzing the meaning of other author’s poems.



Peer Feedback Comments


  1. Classmate: Jonathan Yeung          Writing Piece: There is a way to be good again

Comments: Your thoughts on the quote “there is a way to be good again” are quite interesting. You gave good examples on how one should not dwell on the past and should instead move forward because failure is not fatal. Overall good interpretation of this quote.


  1. Classmate: Hillson Lai         Writing Piece: Iambic Poem

Comments: I enjoyed this poem because not only were the rhymes creative, but it was also quite meaningful and a little bit emotional. (Tears rolled down the penguin’s cheek). Great poem.


  1. Classmate: Hugh Matsumoto         Writing Piece: Courage Kite Runner

Comments: Good definition of courage there and nice examples of when courage was shown (from the book and from your personal life). An enjoyable piece to read.


  1. Classmate: Daniel Wong         Writing Piece: Restaurant Review

Comments: Great detailed review with brilliant diction. You were very honest and to the point, quickly giving us an idea on your thoughts of the restaurant.


  1. Classmate: Ryan Sze         Writing Piece: Restaurant Review

Comments: Very descriptive of the environment there. I also liked how you were very specific in telling us what was on the menu and the prices for the dishes. The review was also well structured and has good diction, making it enjoyable to read. Good job.


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